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Whitecap Alpine welcomes all guests regardless of ability. Whether you’re new to the backcountry or a seasoned pro with your sights on long days and aggressive skiing, we have a program for you.

We recommend that participants have a good overall fitness level and be a confident skier with some experience off-piste skiing, or more rugged ski resort runs. In addition, we welcome non-skiers or those just looking to relax, visit and enjoy the lodge or valley.

We have the ability to operate in one large group or two smaller groups – if the lodge has 8 or more guests. An effort is made to coordinate bookings for guests who have similar interests or create an exclusive week for an organized group.

Here is a list of the programs offered at Whitecap Alpine throughout the year:

Traditional Ski Tour Program
Heli Assisted Ski Touring
Steep Ski Camps
Family Programs
Mountain Leadership Course
Intro to Back Country Skiing Program
Exclusive/Specialty Bookings

Traditional Ski Tour Program

The classic program focuses on traditional ski touring and traveling throughout the surrounding mountains. The goal of this program is to provide quality powder skiing while seeking out the best possible skiing available given the conditions. Days range from 1000 to 2300 metres (3280 - 7550 ft) and include varied terrain, including alpine bowls, glades or tree skiing. There are generally two groups visiting on these weeks – moderate paced and aggressive.

Heli-Assisted Touring

Due to increased demand, we’ve included this added-value program to our offerings. Using the aid of a helicopter, we are able to access terrain not otherwise included in our ski tour program and avoid undesirable conditions late in the season. We use the heli-drop to explore our generous land tenure, making ’ski stops’ along the way. This program is available under the discretion of our guides and requires a minimum of 4 guests. Pricing may vary depending upon the amount of time used with the helicopter. A bit more than our regular ski-touring program, this one is worth every cent! This program is flexible and can be added by the day depending on conditions.

Steep Ski Camps: Alpine Touring, Telemark and Split Snowboard

Looking to up the ante in the backcountry? This program is geared toward the aggressive ‘out of bounds’ skier and focuses on the steep lines and couloirs highlighted in many ski and snowboard films. We created this program for guests seeking adventure, more challenge and more commitment to the backcountry experience. This program builds gradually throughout the week as we get to know the snow conditions and abilities of the participants. Here we explore steep high-alpine, including routes that may involve mountaineering techniques such as rappelling and snow climbing. Skiing up to 50 degrees can be expected. Participants must be in good shape, an excellent technical rider, and able to function in all snow conditions. Helicopters may also be used to access some specific pieces of terrain. See Heli-Assisted Ski Touring. This program is flexible and can be 3-4 days or one full week.

Family Programs

Skiing, boarding, sliding, digging, and playing, all with a warm and cozy lodge nearby. This specialized program is geared toward the family that wants to keep active and involve everyone. A fantastic experience for children of all ages, this program allows parents the opportunity to do a little skiing and spent time in a winter wonderland with their kids. Our terrain is so accessible, you can make a few turns before lunch or achieve a full day program. We will provide supervision upon request. We have welcomed guests as old as 10 months and and young as 80 years old. This program is 3-4 days.

Mountain Leadership Course

This is our advanced course focusing on leadership skills and high-level decision-making in the ever-changing mountain environment. This program is about refining techniques and real-life application, all under the supervision of a certified guide. It is geared toward guests looking to advance their recreational skills and/or possible seek a professional career in the ski industry. All instructors have more than 10 years experience and are IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guide Association) certified examiners The topics covered involve: route finding, track setting, glacier travel, snow pack evaluation and stability analysis, application of stability analysis to route selection, snow-stability and skiers, weather, map, compass, GPS, route preparation and injured skier rescue system.

Intro to Backcountry Skiing Program

This program is designed with the ‘newbie’ in mind. The overall objective is to introduce guests to the basics of skiing in the backcountry. The focus of the program is on safety and proper instruction of uphill ‘hiking’ or ’skinning’ technique, and powder skiing. In addition to having some fun skiing, a basic understanding of the mountain environment and avalanches is achieved. If you are an outdoor enthusiast interested in taking first steps in the backcountry, this program is for you. All courses are taught by a certified guide. For those looking for a more in-depth education in backcountry travel we recommend Recreational Avalanche Course Certification. We suggest contacting www.themountainschool.com or www.whistlerguides.com

Exclusive / Specialty Bookings

In addition to our programs listed above, we provide groups the opportunity of an exclusive booking to cater to each individuals and group’s specific needs. An exclusive booking is based on a 10 person occupancy (regardless of the number of guests up to 10) and secures the lodge for your group. Groups that wish to book more than 10 guests we be offered a discounted rate depending upon the number of guests. The lodge accommodates 12 guests comfortably. For further information on our special group packages, please contact us by phone 1.888.863.9757 or by email.