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In the late 1950’s, the McGillivray Pass locale was first discovered by an adventuresome Austrian husband and wife couple Helmet and Christa Weinhold.

The couple, living and working in the once booming gold mining town of Bralorne, British Columbia, soon discovered that the area held exceptional backcountry ski opportunities.

Additional explorations led another group of enthusiasts to apply for land use and erect a building. This building would serve as a as a base for winter skiing and summer hiking activities. Planning for the construction of a spacious two story log cabin commenced once approved by the Government of Canada. In 1972, the log cabin was built in the remote location of McGillivray Pass and appropriately entitled the ‘McGillivray Pass Lodge’. The lodge is recorded as one of the earliest private backcountry lodges, established in British Columbia, beyond existing lodges in Assiniboine and Yoho National Parks.

In the following years, many outdoor enthusiasts have explored and participated in various winter and summer adventures from the lodge. The lodge, and the area which surrounded it, soon became legendary as an awe-inspiring and amazing destination for winter and spring skiing. In the summer, frequent sightings of the abundant wildlife have been recorded. The area is inhabited by wolverine, wolves, deer, moose, and resident grizzly bears.

Today, and for the past 20 years, our family has called the McGillivray Pass Lodge and WhiteCap Alpine our ‘winter home’. Touring and hiking together, our family has built a rich history in these mountains. It is here my son, Lars Andrews, gained early experience to go on and become a leading backcountry guide in Canada. Although Lars has skied and guided many mountaineering adventures throughout BC, and around the world, he will tell you that some of the very best skiing is right here, where he skied as a young boy.

Our family plans to continue to share the lodge with our guests, as well as, act as nature conservatists in preserving this very special and amazing place we know as ‘our home’ or McGillivray Pass Lodge and Whitecap Alpine.